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I can't actually remember when I started running - all I know is I've run for many more years than I haven't run. I do, however, remember that it has been a source of stress relief, an excuse to hang out with friends I didn't otherwise see, a reason to get up and watch the sun come up in the morning, an excuse to explore cities and towns when travelling in a way that you otherwise can't and a way to eat a couple more cakes and drink a couple more glasses of wine. Before the Dollies I had mostly been a solitary runner - there aren't many people who think getting up at 6 for a 6 mile run is a good idea! But the Dolly Mixtures has given me a chance to share my love of running with others and meet new people to run with and catch up on all the latest news, goings-on and generally chat whilst keeping fit - much more fun than running alone.



Favourite item of running gear?

This is a tough one. Maybe it's my shoes. I love my running shoes and they are definitely the two most expensive pairs of footwear in my wardrobe. Having said that in winter it's undoubtedly my buff - keeps the neck warm until it gets too warm, after which it doubles as a head band, a hair band and a sweat band.

Favourite training route?

That would have to be any training route on holiday - one of the joys of running is you can run up and down all sorts of streets exploring in a way you just couldn't if you're a tourist. Somehow you're allowed to be there if you're running and no-one really raises an eyebrow. Plus if it's a boring road you can just up the pace and find another one to explore.

Favourite distance?

Long - I am by no means a short distance runner. Out for hours on my legs I can do. But sprint? There'd have to be a very good reason!


Jacket, gloves, hat, t-shirt, vest?

Before you go....the local forecast from the Met Office.

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