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Dianne started running in 2002 and is proud to be one of Sharon's first converts. Dianne has always enjoyed distance walking which she has always found easier than running; she is proof that anyone can run! Dianne takes part in a number of races each year usually including a couple of long ones such as the Tour des Marches (26 miles). Dianne is not an especially competitive runner but does find races give her something to aim for and she enjoys the friendly atmosphere of Trail and Fell races. Dianne takes pride in being a member of the Dolly Mixtures and enjoys meeting and encouraging new runners and helping ladies develop and improve at a pace they feel comfortable with. She has been a qualified leader since 2011 and is also a Sports Massage Therapist offering discounts to Dollies members.



Favourite item of running gear?

Trail shoes - currently Salomon XZ Pro but I have worn Inov8 and New Balance in the past - comfort and grip for long runs is essential.

Favourite training route?

This is a difficult one as I seldom do exactly the same route twice. I do have a route from my front door which includes looping up throught teh fields, down to the canal, up Percy's bank and back across fields with a lovely grassy descent, but equally the Long Mynd or Golden Valley.

Favourite distance?

Anything over 10k suits me best.


Jacket, gloves, hat, t-shirt, vest?

Before you go....the local forecast from the Met Office.

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