Dolly Mixtures

Leaders - Kelly


I started running at the beginning of 2013 after coming across the group by chance. I had had my two girls and I had previously enjoyed keeping fit so I wanted to get fit again but fancied trying something different to an exercise class. I never really thought much about running, I honestly didnít think I could run. I soon began to realise why people go out and do it, I got hooked and now love running too!

Dolly Mixtures has been amazing for me. It keeps me going out each week in the sun, rain or snow. I feel very proud and lucky to be a leader, hopefully motivating ladies each week who now enjoy the same passion. I love being a part of it.



Favourite item of running gear?

New newbie’s bobby dazzler bright pink trainers Nike Dual Fusion, they are cool and comfy so far.  I also love my (on loan) Garmin, it is a great little piece of kit to have with you anywhere.

Favourite training route?

I wouldnít say I have a favourite route. Any distance, any time of day, any terrain, Iíll go with the flow so if anyone is going out and I am free Iíll tag along.

Favourite distance?

10k has got to be my most comfortable distance. Although, I do like a good challenge from time to time and I could push myself once in a while if persuaded.


Jacket, gloves, hat, t-shirt, vest?

Before you go....the local forecast from the Met Office.

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