Dolly Mixtures

Leaders - Sharon


I started Dolly Mixtures back in 2013, it has progressed from a group of 7 friends meeting up to now over 100 members on the Facebook site.

I started running around 11 years ago and I admit I didn't find it easy. I'm not a natural runner and I soon realised how much easier it is to run with people of a similar ability. The miles soon disappear as you chat and put the world to rights. This is why on a Monday night at Dolly Mixtures I make sure everyone is happy in the group that they are in and there is never any pressure to run faster. You just go where you are happy. Dolly Mixtures is more than a running group, it's a group of ladies who support each other not just with running but as friends too and above all we have fun!



Favourite item of running gear?

My running skort in the summer. Feels great to have your legs out and the skort gives you a bit more modesty than shorts.

Favourite training route?

My favourite route on a Monday night has got to be the Powis Castle loop. How lucky we are to have such beautiful grounds to be able to run around plus it's the home of the Dolly Mixtures Challenge nights.

Favourite distance?

My favourite distance, hmmmm that's a toughy. I haven't found my forte as yet and hope to be able to run marathon distance in the future. I just like to be out running, with friends, finding new routes, seeing new things. It's my favourite pastime.


Jacket, gloves, hat, t-shirt, vest?

Before you go....the local forecast from the Met Office.

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